The Praise's a piece of mature, risk-taking children's theater that offers respectful, vibrant delivery of Browning's language for the adults while stimulating the kids on a more visceral level.

Chicago Reader

Exploring the eternal themes of curiosity, stubbornness and independence that inform our early years, the “Just So” stories are a graceful tribute in which to enshrine not just the memory of a daughter, but the memories of all childhood. 

Chicago Theatre Beat

The Hunting of the Snark is a jaw-droppingly creative piece of stagecraft, that most magical kind of theater that envelops us in artifice through a stupefyingly adept use of simple props, physicalization, and pure energy. Each character is unique and superbly played, but it is as an ensemble that this group has you in its hands.

Chicago Theatre Beat


The Pied Piper” is a revelation of what children’s theater can be when stripped to its essential core. Devoid of the usual filler of fart jokes and well-timed innuendos designed to entertain parents, this production instead charms and chills with equal aplomb.   

       New City Stage

People who would like a show called The Snark
Are people who like ships and soap
And railways shares, eyes that glow in the dark
Beavers, boojums, Lewis Carroll, and hope. 

Ada Grey