Forks & Hope's Devise-a-thon: Risk/Refuse


We are pleased to present a celebration of collaborative creation: Forks & Hope’s Devise-a-thon: Risk/Refuse. 


This Devise-a-thon is similar in ethos to a 24-hour play festival, but instead of mirroring the assembly line process of conventional theatremaking, we are bringing artists together to generate devised performances over the course of one day.


Four directors will lead ensembles of devisors in creating fifteen-minute pieces inspired by our theme, "Risk/Refuge." Each ensemble will be given a picnic basket of different elements to play with: text, props, images, sound, and a theatrical rule.


We hope that you join us for the premier of four new pieces of devised theatre!


Devise-a-thon: Risk/Refuse

Saturday, August 11th


The Ready

4546 N Western Ave


There is a palpable hunger for this kind of work in Chicago, and we are excited to create space for artists to meet and inspire each other. We hope that you will be able to join us for a celebration of things made together.