The Open Labs

The Forks & Hope Emsemble is pleased to present a series of drop-in Open Labs, to share and expand the tools of our artistic research. All sessions will be lead by Artistic Director Aileen McGroddy, and each will focus on a specific area within the arenas of devising, physical theatre, and clown. Each Lab is a standalone session, so participants can come to as many as they are able and interested in. The Open Labs are open to curious artists of all disciplines and skill levels, provided a willingess to play. We ask for a small fee of $15 per session. 


Location:          Orvieto Musica, Inc.

                           3318 N. Lakeshore Drive

                           Suite 100

WEEK 1 - May 17 - 7pm to 10pm

Clown Theatre

Research questions: How do you specify your relationship with the audience, and allow them the space to exist? How do you build a performance script that leaves room for play? How can we use the clown state to generate performance material? 

WEEK 2 - May 24 - 7pm to 10pm

Physicalizing the Theatrical Event

Research Questions: What does the event in a scene feel like in your body? What is the smallest/largest amount of physicality we use to build story? How does the event trigger a new physical language on stage? 

WEEK 3 - May 31 - 7pm to 10pm

The Dream Ballet

Research Questions: How do we generate material to build the big movement piece in the show?  How do we use abstract movement to communicate story?

WEEK 4 - June 7 - 7pm to10pm


Research Questions: How do we turn ourselves into monsters? What is theatrically grotesque? Why do we like monsters so much? 

WEEK 5 - June 14 - 7pm to 10pm

Devising Narratives

Reseach Questions: How do we turn source material into performance material? What tools do we use to empower performers to be creators? How do we travel through a narrative using different performance forms? 

WEEK 6 - June 21 - 7pm to 10pm

Transforming Objects

Research Questions: What if this thing were a different thing?  


Come out and join Forks and Hope and we work on polishing our techniques. We look forward to working together.